Dergat Pty Limited trading as Silk Studios, its associated companies, subsidiaries and managed joint ventures (herein referred to collectively as “Silk Studios” or “the Company”) must at all times act ethically and honestly.

The concept of ethical considerations often goes beyond what is lawful which sometimes makes it difficult to determine whether or not an action is ethical. Proactive consultation is encouraged at all times. If in doubt it is essential that you liaise beforehand with the person to whom you are directly responsible (“Manager”) in order to determine whether an action is appropriate. Failure to seek timely advice, no matter how good the intentions are, is not an excuse for violating this Code of Conduct (“the Code”).

In deciding whether you are acting ethically, the following should be taking into consideration:-

Silk Studios is committed both in principle and practice to its operations being open to public scrutiny, subject to normal commercial confidentiality.

Silk Studios recognises that employees will face ethical challenges in carrying out their work and conducting the business of the Company and the purpose of the Code is to assist all employees to recognise and resolve those challenges in making decisions in relation to business conduct. The Code will be reviewed annually and Silk Studios reserves its right to change the contents of the Code at any time and welcomes any input from employees. Changes to the Code will be available on this website.

Silk Studios employees who hold executive or managerial positions are required to ensure that employees reporting to them are provided with a copy of the Code and that such employees understand the content and importance of the Code. Employees with executive or managerial responsibilities will also be required to acknowledge in writing annually or when required by the Managing Director of Silk Studios (“the Managing Director”) adherence to the Code by employees under their control.

Compliance with laws

Silk Studios and its employees will at all times comply with the legal requirements of the territory in which Silk Studios’s business is being conducted.

Silk Studios will not tolerate unlawful conduct in any circumstances and it is the responsibility of each employee to understand the laws and legal implications that govern their work in any given territory. Ignorance of the law is not a defence. If an employee is unsure or unclear about laws relating to their particular work or the territory in which they are working, they should seek firstly the advice of their Manager and if appropriate legal advice. If the situation dictates that because of time restraints legal advise is not practical, the employee should conduct themselves in a manner that that would not embarrass them, Silk Studios, their fellow employees or members of their family if it were publicly disclosed.